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4.5 Inch Aluminum Stylus

Color: Blue
SKU: 500250-BL
UPC: 757901804946
MSRP: $19.99


Do you find it difficult to control your touchscreen phone or tablet because your fingers are too big? Are you tired of wiping finger marks and smudges off your screen? Or do you just want more precise control of your touchscreen device? If so, then this Aluminum Stylus is exactly what you've been looking for!
This stylus measures 4.5" in length and features a soft, slick, rubber tip. The tip is designed to provide the electrical conductivity necessary to activate a capacitive touch screen in the same way as that of a human finger. The rubber tip is slick so that it will glide smoothly across the screen, providing precise control of icons and apps, without leaving finger marks or smudges.
The stylus includes a standard pocket clip, ensuring that it will remain securely in a pocket or pen loop.

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