Shock Express Case - iPhone 8 & 7 Plus - Blue

by Caseco
SKU: CC-SE-iP7P-BL UPC: 628233574879 MSRP: $29.99

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The Caseco Grip Armor is a pleasant departure from regular run of the mill phone cases that deliver on protection, but lose out on design and style. It is a case that not only keeps your phone safe, but also enhances the overall look of the phone instead of just encasing the phone in a dull and boring casket-like case. The hard-shell back panel of the case has a glossy finish and adding to the overall style is the fact that the Grip Armor is available in seven of the most enticing shades.
Double Protection
Dual Injection design offers two layers of protection in a single piece case. The hard outer shell protects the phone from strong and sudden impact. While the soft inner shell made out of smooth high quality rubber, effectively absorbs shock.
Absolute Coverage
Covers power and volume buttons to prevent scratches as well as wear and tear, without sacrificing tactility or access to the buttons. Ports remain open and accessible.
Sleek Style
Glossy finish on the outer shell, with slip resistant rubber sides to add to an ergonomic design. Slips easily into your pocket.