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Goodlife Fitness Resistance Tubing with Comfort Grip Handles - Gift

by Perks
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MSRP: $45


  • TOTAL BODY RESISTANCE – Target every muscle group with just one tool. This resistance tubing offers the ideal collection of resistance levels for total body strengthening, enhancing and tone all the muscle groups of your body.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN – Get the same effect you would get from exercising with free weights, minus the bulky equipment. This resistance tubing is designed to be highly versatile, making it the ultimate space-saver.
  • SCULPT AND TONE – Resistance Tubing conform to all levels of fitness and gives some extra tension during your workouts. This resistance tubing will help achieve your sculpting and toning goals during your total body sessions.
  • FOAM HANDLES – Eliminate the chance of cramped hands so you can focus on getting the most out of your strength training. This tubing includes foam handles for a comfortable grip with every curl and pull.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN – Can’t make it back home for your workout? Bring the workout on the road with you! The compact, lightweight design of this tubing is excellent for the gym, home, travel and office.