Britney Spears Fantasy Gift Set

by XP Perks
SKU: BSFantasy

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Collection contains: 100ml Hair Mist, 75g Fragrant Bath Fizz, 95ml Body Wash 7 100g Bath Salts
Fantasy weaves a tale of modern romance. Britney channels the elusive playfulness of the chase, and the carnal excitement of seduction to create a flirtatious scent for the empowered woman. Britney Spears™ Fantasy combines succulent fruits and Britney's favorite white florals to create a sensual fragrance. The alluring mix of lush red lychee, golden quince, and exotic kiwi playfully intertwines with a delectable cupcake accord, jasmine petals, and white chocolate orchid. A surprising finish of creamy musk, enchanted orris root, and sensual woods will leave you--and everyone around you--captivated all day.p Notes.

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