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Antenna - Mini Glass Mount - 800/1900 MHz

by Wilson
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SKU: WIL301114
MSRP: $24.99


The Wilson 301114 Dual Band Mini Glass Mount Antenna is a dual band antenna with 1.4 / 2.4 dB of gain. The antenna is made of plastic-coated steel wire and is fully weather-proof.
The Wilson 301114 is an omni-directional antenna. Omni-directional antennas receive signal from all directions, and so the antenna needs to be installed in a vertical position in the area of strongest signal.
Mounting details
The Wilson 301114 uses a Glass Mounting with 3M Adhesive mount.
Glass Mount Antennas require no alterations to the vehicle and are more permanent than Magnetic Mount Antennas. The antenna base attaches to either side of a piece of the vehicle glass with a 3M VHB adhesive. They work well on automobiles, vans and SUVs but cannot be easily moved from one vehicle to another.
NOTE: Glass Mount Antennas are not recommended for use with wireless amplifiers.
The inside and outside antennas must be shielded from each other to prevent oscillation.
Additional Information
Dual Band
Impedance: 50 ohm
Coaxial Cable: RG58 - 14 feet
Antenna Gain (low band / high band): 1.4 / 2.4
Frequency detail (up/down): 824 - 849 MHz / 869 - 894 MHz and 1850 - 1910 MHz / 1930 -1990 MHz
Height (Inches): 5.375
Ground Plane: Built-In Ground Plane
Material: Whip - Plastic-Coated Steel Wire
Mount: Glass Mounting with 3M
AdhesivePolarization: Vertical
Wavelength: 1/4 Wavelength 806-894 MHz / 9/16
Wavelength: 1850-1990 MHz
Radiation: Omni-directional
Connector Type: FME Female