859902 Surge Protector

by Wilson
SKU: WIL859902 MSRP: $102.99

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Helps protect amplifier from power surges such as those caused by lightning strike to outside antenna. Protector is inserted inline between outside antenna and amplifier. The protector does not connect directly to the amplifier. Typically, a 2' 9913 jumper cable is used to connect the protector to the amplifier although any length of 9913 coax may be used. For example, you can run 9913 coax from the Yagi on the roof to the lightning protector (mounted just outside the building) and then another run of 9913 coax cable from the lightning protector to the amplifier mounted in the building. The lightning protector must be grounded.
Frequency 800MHz, 1900MHz,
Dual Band,
iDEN Impedance 50 ohm
Connector Type  N Female (both ends)
Loss -0.2dB
UPC Code 813986003237

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